ION Strength and Conditioning is more than just a gym

At ION⁺, we focus on coaching and educating our members, giving them the tools to achieve more of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the gym. Along with our team of highly professional, experienced coaches, structured programming and a strong support system, we will help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.  

We know that the hardest step for many people is the first one and at ION⁺, we are determined to help every member become better than they were yesterday.


Every day at ION⁺ we see our members surpassing their highest expectations in terms of physical accomplishments and general well being. Our intention is to change the way that people view health and fitness in Cardiff.  

We are pushing past the known limits and current dogma, to provide the most cutting edge health and fitness programs possible. By providing the highest levels of personal and group coaching, energetic workouts, along with structured, yet varied programming, we are ensuring long term, sustainable and meaningful results.

Whether you are a full-time athlete, part time chef, or feel like you have no time at all; at ION⁺, we have a program to cater to your needs and the expertise to help you realise your goals.  

Passion Trumps Everything.


ION Strength and Conditioning, is a 5,000 sq. ft. facility situated the North of Cardiff.

The facility includes On-Site Car Parking, Male & Female Changing Rooms with 5 Showers in each, Dedicated Weightlifting Area, Fully Equipped Open Gym Mezzanine Floor, a Full Time Sports Massage Clinic, Retail Offerings, a Member’s Lounge and much more. 

5,000 sq ft Facility
On-Site Car Parking
Rooms Showers
Reception Area
Including a shop for
supplements and training
Again Faster
Weightlifting Bars

High Quality Barista
Style Coffee Machine
Serving a range of locally
sourced bean to cup
Healthy Eating Vending
Sports Massage Clinic
Assault Bikes, Ski Ergs,
Concept 2 Rowers
Jerk Blocks
Physiotherapy Clinic
WODify – Online
Training Diary for
30ft Multi Purpose Rig
Over 5,000 kg
Bumper Plate

500 sq ft dedicated
Powerlifting Area
Physiotherapy Clinic
WODify – Online
Training Diary for
30ft Multi Purpose Rig
Over 5,000 kg
Bumper Plate

Functional Training Equipment - Ropes/Sand Bags/Prowlers/Tyres/Atlas Stones/Sleds/Farmers Carries/Axel Bars/Peg Boards/ Kettlebells/Medicine Balls