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What Is ion60?

Fitness is made up of 10 components – Stamina, Cardiovascular Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. Improving in all aspects of fitness is the way you will optimise performance, either in day to day life or in sports performance.

At ION, our well balanced Strength and Conditioning programme, focused on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for the general population. We use short, long, high intensity, low intensity, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises and other modes of activity to achieve well rounded general fitness. Our ION60 programme varies from other fitness programme and classes is its diversity and ability to improve all areas of fitness and not just one or two as majority of other programs will provide.

Our ION60 classes delivers a programme that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive and most of all FUN. Our ION60 programme is designed to be scalable to the individual making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience or age. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programmes. In other words, we adjust the stress on the body to accommodate the individual.

Key Elements

Key Elements of ION60 Training

All our ION60 Classes are coach led and follow a structured and periodised plan that enables all individuals to have safe and steady progression with their training that brings incredible results. Our ION60 classes are all 60 minutes long and have the following structure.

  • 5 min – Coaches Brief of the Session

  • 10 min – Coach led Warm Up

  • 20 min – Strength/Skill Element

  • 20 min – Conditioning

  • 5 min – Cool Down

3 core elements

Our program includes 3 core elements that will create variety within sessions and provide an extremely effective training program. 

Metabolic Conditioning

This can be short anaerobic or long aerobic workouts. Sprint intervals or Team WOD’s. Anywhere from 5-30 Mins. Example – Bike, Row, Ski, Run.

Resistance Training

Multi joint, functional (everyday) compound movements, moving an external load, to develop strength, power and muscle balance. Example – Squat, Deadlift.

Bodyweight Exercises

We use gymnastics to develop our ability to manage our own body. Example – Press Ups, Sit Ups, Burpees, Pull Ups etc…

Benefits of ion60


In just under 1 hour, you’ll complete both full strength AND metcon workouts.


Discover the power of supportive, friendly community of like-minded individuals that will keep you motivated and accountable.


Cardiff’s most experienced and knowledgeable coaches in strength and conditioning field.


ION60 is a full body workout. that enables you to workout at a high intensity (intensity varies from person to person) that will increase your metabolism and see you burning a lot of calories!


Improves the 10 qualities of fitness – Stamina, Cardiovascular Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.


Discover a fun side of fitness in a friendly and sociable environment.


ION60 builds self confidence and improves self-esteem in and outside of the gym.


The style of training our ION60 program uses we incorporate resistance training that helps to build muscle and reduce body fat providing ladies with a more toned body and guys with added muscle mass.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are passionate about delivering the highest standard of programming, helping you to achieve ALL your fitness goals and create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

We do this by…


Each block of training consists of 6-8 week cycles where we focus on developing a number of physical qualities and through consistency of exercises within cycles used it enables individuals to develop confidence in exercises and skills that will also improve movement patterns. We systematically place our strength and conditioning components throughout the week to achieve a well-balanced program.


Our Team of Coaches are the best in the business with practical experience and academic qualifications that allows us the ability to provide an extremely effective training program that guarantees life changing results.


Our community is second to none, the enthusiasm and commitment of our members is one of the best environments that you can wish to train in. Our objective as a training facility is to create a fun and friendly environment for people to train in that will provide members with daily motivation and accountability to achieve all their desired goals.

Is ION for me?

Is ION for me?

Still not sure if it’s the right program for you? Then maybe this will help to make up your mind…

ION60 is infinitely scalable, ION60 is for the complete novice to highly experienced trainer. If you feel you are ready to start and commit to a training program that will bring results then ION60 is for you. 

What do we mean by ION60 being is infinitely scalable? it means that everyone is doing the same workout, albeit with different weights or levels of skilled exercises. Everyone is working at similar relative intensity levels! The shared experience of getting through a tough workout is what brings people together. We have members that are in their late teens right through to in their late 60s training alongside one another. 

Joining a new gym can be intimidating and nerve racking but we can assure you, you will receive a big welcome from our ION coaching team and members that will help you feel right at home in no time!

If you are still uncertain please see pictures below of our CURRENT members that didn’t see these results over night or by following a 30 day fad diet, they did this through self discipline and hard work following our daily ION60 program. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved since training with us at ION and we have plenty of other members that have made incredible transformations – our program really does work!


Still not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Book a FREE consultation with our coaches or even contact us with any questions you might have over our social media channels.

Passion Trumps Everything at ION
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