ION45 (Functional Circuits)

ION’s High Intensity Functional Circuits Class

Fast becoming South Wales’s number 1 fitness class; at ION Strength and Conditioning we have developed the 45 min highly energized Functional High Intensity Interval class, ION45. These sessions are open to all levels of fitness and our coaches guide individuals through the session in a highly motivating and friendly environment.

Classes include low skilled, functional exercises that are all scalable to match the needs of an individual. Our ION Assault class will see individuals light up their metabolism allowing for an effective fat burning session whilst maintaining/or even increasing lean muscle mass. From a performance aspect, individuals will develop their aerobic power and lactate threshold. These sessions are ideal for anyone looking to improve aesthetically, work on general fitness or increase conditioning for sports performance.

Sessions will utilise the latest cardio equipment in the fitness industry from Concept 2 Ski Ergs and Rowers to Assault Bikes aka the Devils Tricycle, these pulse raising activities are interspersed with other full body multi joint exercises such as Prowler Pushing, Battling Ropes, Sand Bags, Tyre Flipping, Ball Tossing, Kettlebells and much more.

So what are the actual benefits of our ION45 class?

  1. Energy System Development

During ION45 there is great demand placed on both the aerobic (Oxidative) and anaerobic (ATP-PC/Glycolysis) energy systems. The aerobic system requires oxygen to convert nutrients to ATP (molecule that provides the body with energy) in a process that is slower than the anaerobic system. With the anaerobic system it is able to create energy quickly from carbohydrates stored in the body while producing the by-product lactic acid. This involves a breakdown of glucose without the use of oxygen. Individuals are able to utilize the anaerobic system for short busts of exercises lasting no more than a couple of minutes before reaching the lactate (anaerobic) threshold and as a result the body enters what is know as oxygen debt. The lactate threshold is reached when an individual trains at an intensity where lactic acid accumulates at a rate faster than it can be removed. When hitting the lactate threshold an individual will experience a feeling of uncomfort which is a result of the lactic acid causing a muscle burning sensation along with the inevitable fatigue factor. The ION45 classes help to increase an individuals lactate threshold allowing the delay in the accumulation of lactic acid and as a result will slow down the resulting fatigue during bouts of high intensity efforts.

During the rest intervals of ION45 classes it is time to repay the Oxygen Debt that the body has incurred during the work period and the aerobic system is critical for this. During this phase, the heart and lungs work together to repay the oxygen debt and breakdown the built up lactic acid. Oxygen is used to access stored carbohydrates and convert into energy.

Individuals who are able to utilize both the aerobic and anaerobic systems can endure longer periods of high intensity work. ION Assault is a way of improving aerobic and anaerobic power and capacity in the same training session through repeated bouts of high intensity exercise followed by short rest periods working on a 1:1, 2:1 (Work : Rest Ratio). As all sessions incorporate full body movements this elicits a higher heart rate response, as opposed to sessions that are targeting movements that are continually repeated without much variety and not using larger compound (multi joint) exercises.

  1. EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

Working your body at high efforts triggers a spike in your metabolism, where the body continues to consume oxygen and burn calories long after the workout has finished. This is known as EPOC. The reason the body continues to burn calories after the session is it is using energy to restore itself back to its resting state, this is known as homeostasis. Depending on how demanding the session has been EPOC, can last up to 24 hours, as a result the calories you burn in a training session may not be significant but the amount you can potentially burn in the aftermath of a tough session is considerable. So from an aesthetics perspective, if individuals are looking at reducing body fat then this is a big benefit of ION45.

  1. General Physical Preparedness

With ION45 not only are individuals developing their energy systems, they are also increasing all aspects of fitness that is hugely beneficial to developing General Physical Preparedness (GPP) through lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing awkward objects, this is great for building all round strength but the real advantages of developing your GPP is that you will be able to increase your work capacity on a day to day basis as well as becoming more robust as individuals, its proven that the stronger the individual becomes the less susceptible to injuries they are.


Why try our ION45 class?

  • Development of an individuals Energy Systems (Aerobic and Anaerobic)
  • Reduce Body Fat Composition whilst maintaining/increasing Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Increase an Individuals General Physical Preparedness
  • Increase Sports Performance
  • Reduce day to day Injuries

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