Nutrition Consultation

Good nutrition is the foundation to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether your goals are to transform the way you look, perform better in workouts or just to know you are fuelling your body optimally for daily activities – it’s important that nutrition becomes a focus.

A good nutrition programme will allow you to improve in a number of areas.


Improve Body Composition

  • We’re all trying to look better by gaining muscle and losing fat. Training is a great start, but these processes can only be maximised with a proper nutrition plan. In our initial meeting we’ll educate you on the nutrition basics and design a plan suited for your goals.

Improve Performance

  • Gaining muscle and losing fat isn’t all for show. More muscle will increase strength and losing fat will make all bodyweight movements more efficient. Finding the ideal body composition for you is essential to achieving all your goals.

General Recovery

  • Our nutrition plans will have you prepared for the next day. We’ve all felt that sluggishness and soreness after hard training. Proper nutrition will decrease those effects, leaving you ready to train hard everyday.

General Health

  • Although looking better and improving at the gym are important goals, the foundation is staying healthy over a lifetime. Our nutrition plan isn’t solely based on performance; it will also help with daily energy levels, sleep quality and overall health.

Our individualised nutritional support will make you accountable and combine behavioural change with achievement to create knowledge and habits that will allow you to achieve your long term goals.

Nutritional Pack

£70 One Off

  • 30 minute Consultation
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan (includes Calorie Target and Macro Breakdown)
  • Targets and Goal Setting
  • Weekly Food Diary Analysis and Feedback for 4 Weeks (email)

Monthly Nutritional Coaching

£50pcm (min. 6 months)

  • 45 minute Initial Consultation
  • 30 min Monthly Meeting
  • Nutrition Plan (includes personalised Calorie Target and Macro Breakdown)
  • Targets and Goal Setting
  • Weekly Food Diary Analysis and Feedback for 4 Weeks (email)

Body Composition Assessments


  • Bodyweight
  • Body Measurements
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Skinfold Measurements
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