Speciality Classes

We have 3 Core Programs, ION60 (CrossFit), ION45 and ION30 allowing our members to fit a workout into their busy work and life schedules. These classes are suitable for a wide range of fitness abilities enabling members to have a variety workout choice from day to day.  We also offer our ION Speciality classes in addition to our core programs.

ION60 (CrossFit)

CrossFit is our 60 min general strength and conditioning class that has the objective of improving all aspects of fitness helping individuals achieve optimal health and performance within their day to day lives.

ION60 (CrossFit) classes incorporates resistance training, bodyweight exercises and more traditional cardio training (Bike, Row, Run).  All our classes follow a 4-6 week structured program with progressions for all levels of fitness abilities from the complete novice to the advanced trainer.  

ION Beginners Course Required (2 sessions)

Our popular 45 min, highly energised Functional Circuits class uses a wide range of low skilled, full body exercises, scalable to match the needs of individuals. Sessions will utilise cardio equipment along with other full body exercises such as Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Sand Bags, Skipping, Box Jumps/Step Ups and Bodyweight exercises.

ION Beginners Course Required (1 session)

Our short, 30 min ‘express’ CrossFit class allows members to fit in a highly effective workout, in a short space of time. We recognise that many of our members have demanding careers and busy family lives, so having the option to be in and out of the gym within half an hour can, at times, be very useful.

ION Beginners Course Required (1 Session)

ION Unlimited (including ION60) membership requires completion of 2 x 1 hour Beginners Sessions, ION Basic (ION30 & ION45 only) membership requires completion of 1 x 1 hour Beginners Session. These sessions are completed on a 1:1 basis at a time of your convenience with one of our ION coaches. Each session will introduce you the exercises we use regularly in classes. You and the coach will review movement, discuss our style of training, tackle specific questions, and set you up for success at ION.

Speciality Classes

Refine your form, strength and power

Barbell Club

These classes focus and utilising the Power Lifts, Olympic lifts and other barbell exercises to increase your strength and power qualities, while perfecting your technique under load. Utilizing percentage-based lifting cycles designed for maximum gains in a structured and coached environment that will translate over to your workouts as well as every daily life. These classes are super popular with a wide range of abilities attending them.


Powerlifting, is an individualised sport in which competitors attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Our Powerlifting Club caters to all levels of ability, from highly competitive lifters to complete novices. Our specific powerlifting program, designed by our head powerlifting coach Jordan Heyler, is designed to get members to improve strength and ability across the three main lifts while improving technique and understanding in a fun, enthusiastic and supportive environment.


There’s strong evidence that shows people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia. Exercisng, as you get older, helps you stay healthy, energetic and independent.

Our Legends class is aimed at individuals over the age of 60. This is structured class that aims to help slow down aged related atrophy (muscle loss) as well as developing finer motor skills like balance and coordination, esstential to living an independent life as we age. 

Tuesday & Thursday at 11am – £7.50 (No Membership Needed) 


With our Outdoor Training area, we regularly run early morning, 30 min ‘express’ CrossFit classes outside. There’s something unique about training outdoors first thing in the morning and it sets you up for the day ahead. Not only do we get a good dose of sunlight and vitamin D first thing in the morning that provides many health benfits but it can also help your circadian rhythm improving sleep quality and stimulates many neurotransmitters in our brain – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.


No excuses, plan your routine for the week ahead, we are open 7 days a week with classes starting from 5.25am and ranging from 30 mins to 60 mins long.

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