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HYROX Timetable

Every week
Tuesday 6:15am HYROX
Wednesday 6:30pm HYROX

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month
6am, 7am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm 6:30pm HYROX

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month




Our 60 min General Strength and Conditioning class has the objective of improving all aspects of fitness, helping individuals achieve optimal health and performance within their day to day lives. ION60 classes are total body workouts that incorporates resistance training, bodyweight exercises and more traditional cardio training (Bike, Row, Run). All of our classes follow a 4-6 week structured programme with progressions for all levels of fitness abilities from the complete novice to the advanced trainer.



ION45 is our 45 min all inclusive interval based strength and conditioning class which is structured in a circuit like manner that makes for a highly effective workout. Designed for ‘time precious’ individuals who are keen to make exercise a pillar of their schedule. ION45 sessions are designed to be highly energised and fun. Our 3 Core ION45 programmes rotate on a daily basis to provide members with a varying stimulus which helps to elicit the targeted response of the session.



Our short, 30 min ‘express’ class allows members to fit in a highly effective workout, in a short space of time. We recognise that many of our members have demanding careers and busy family lives, so having the option to be in and out of the gym within half an hour can, at times, be very useful.


ION Outdoor

Our 30 minute outdoor full body conditioning class utilising our functional outdoor area to get a highly effective workout in all weathers!


ION StrongKidz (7-10 and 11-13)

Our ION StrongKidz programme is designed not only to help improve children’s physical development but also their confidence, resilience and feeling of self-worth which is critical in today’s society. The 3 key areas to our ION StrongKidz programme are aimed to help children in a number of ways – Increase Physical Literacy, Strength and General Athleticism. Improved Social Skills through exposure to environments away from their normal friendship groups. Improved Cognitive development through various problem solving and group challenges.


ION Legends

Our Legends class is aimed at individuals over the age of 60. This is structured class that aims to help slow down aged related atrophy (muscle loss) as well as developing fine motor skills like balance and coordination, essential to living an independent life as we age.

ION Pricing & Packages

Membership Options

ION Full Membership
£80 PCM
  • Unlimited Access to all Classes
  • Unlimited Open Gym Access
  • Beginners Sessions Required for ION60 Classes*
  • Access to Members' Health & Fitness Challenges across the year
  • Minimum 3 Month Initial Sign Up
  • No Contract
  • 30 Days' Notice of Cancellation
*Dependant on experience

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ION Basic Membership
£60 PCM
  • Unlimited Access to ION45 & ION30 Classes
  • Access to Members' Health & Fitness Challenges across the year
  • Minimum 3 Month Initial Sign Up
  • No Contract
  • 30 Days' Notice of Cancellation
10 Class Pass
  • Access to 10 Classes (Basic or Full*)
  • 3 Month Expiry
  • One Off Payment
*Access to ION60 would require Beginners Sessions dependant on experience

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