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ION45 is our 45 min ‘All Inclusive Strength & Conditioning’ class that is structured in a circuit like manner that makes for a highly effective workout for those ‘time precious’ individuals that are keen to make exercise a pillar of their schedule. 

Our classes provide ‘Accountability and Coaching’ that are key when to achieving optimal health in our daily lives. ION45 sessions are designed to be highly energised and fun that will provide individuals with a motivating environment to turn up and get their workout completed. 

Our classes aim is to help individuals improve in all aspects of fitness through our 3 Core ION45 programmes that we rotate on a daily basis to provide members with a varying stimulus that helps to elicit the targeted response of the session. Here are the programmes explained.


Programmeme 1 – ION45 METABOLIC

This workout combines Athleticism and Work Capacity. This full body workout will gradually increase with intensity each round utilising kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight exercises, cardio machines, prowlers, battling ropes etc.

Format – Longer Work Intervals followed by Short Rest Periods across the Full Workout.


Programmeme 2 – ION45 INTENSITY

Our Repeated Power workout aims to increase the intensity that we exercise at that will help us achieve the ultimate High Intensity, Interval Training workout (H.I.I.T). The physiological adaptations that can be made from true H.I.I.T is well researched and is proven to rapidly improve overall health, fitness and body composition.

Format – Short Work Intervals followed by Short Rest Periods.

Full Recovery between Rounds.


Programmeme 3 – ION45 PHYSIQUE

Combining Strength Development and Engine Building to deliver a total body workout that helps to build and develop lean muscle whilst also improving cardiovascular health. Building lean muscle is essential to improve general health and body composition.

Format – Rotating between Strength Development exercises and Cardio Machines. Strength exercises performed under control through a Full Range of Motion.


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