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Why you should track your Training

Tracking your Training

Something a lot of people don’t utilise anywhere near enough is the training log aspect of WODify and record your workouts. If you took 2 mins at the end of sessions to input what you did in the session, what weights you lifting, how many Pull Ups you achieved or what weight kettlebell you used in the workout – then these things would have a very positive impact on your performance within the gym.

This next block and use of the Wendler Strength cycle will be a great opportunity to get back, or start logging your training.

It is a fact that – ‘when performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates’.

Lets build good habits within the gym and your training that helps you to build on the good work you’re doing.

4 reasons to track your training with WODify…..

1. It will give you Motivation

One of the most rewarding aspects of keeping track of your workouts is the ability to periodically look back over the work you have done. You’ll see when you hit your first 100kg deadlift and when you finally got that first strict pull-up.

You’ll be able to see where you pushed through plateaus, where achieved new training goals, and how, when you train consistently, you progress.

These achievements in your fitness past will fill you with a sense of pride and remind you just how capable you are. More importantly, it will give you some motivation to get back at it on days when getting to the gym is a challenge.

2. It helps to set Training Goals

The only thing worse than not setting goals is setting unrealistic goals. Creating ambitious goals that challenge you and force you to work hard is great, but massive and ultimately unrealistic goals leading you to fall short only serve to discourage and demotivate.

Seeing how quickly (or alternatively, how slowly) you progress at the gym provides you with the feedback necessary to set fitness goals that are realistic, and will keep you from prematurely discouraging yourself.

With a training log like WODify, we can also provide you with advice and guidance on your goals based on where you are presently.

3. Improve your knowledge of your Training

Regular logging allows you to build an accurate picture of your fitness and present stage of development. Regular logging is also crucial to making the most of your training sessions. It helps when we do some percentage-based lifting so we know exact weights we need to use, also if there a bench mark workouts aka fitness tests.

Without this information you won’t be able to make the most of our training programme, and you may actually be slowing your own progression.

4. Team Building – Community

One of the best parts about WODify is the social interaction it can create and celebrate your success or others by congratulating them if one of your friends hit a new PB. Give their workout score a like!

With the new training block tomorrow – give yourself a target and record all your training for this block.

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