Red Light Therapy

3. How Can Red Light Therapy Aid Recovery? – James Strong


Used extensively in the UFC and NFL, evidence shows that red light therapy helps recovery.

In this edition of the ION Performance Podcast, Rob speaks to James Strong, founder of Red Light Rising.

Rob delves deeper into the science behind the therapy, and gets into the mindset of a driven new father who juggles the roles of investment banker and businessman, and has an extraordinary morning routine…..

In this episode topics discussed are:

2:45 – James’ life journey

5:25 – James’ first insight into red light therapy

8:00 – ‘Fluffy’ therapy’s that do make a difference

9:00 – How does it work?

11:50 – Importance of sleep in recovery

13:00 – Decreased inflammation through red light

15:22 – UFC and concussions

17:30 – Rob’s use of red light therapy in his morning routine

20:00 – Strongmen and energy levels boost

22:00 – US ahead of UK usage

25:00 – James’ disciplined morning routing

28:50 – Wim hoff and cold showers

31:00 – Consistency is key

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