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7. 21 Marathons in 21 Days – Sean ‘Spud’ Allen


When Sean ‘Spud’ Allen’s best friend was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumours, Spud decided he wanted to do something to raise money for his friends family. Not satisfied with the achievement of running one marathon, Spud challenged himself to 21 in 21 days. A monumental task, and one that broke him physically and mentally, but also strengthened his resolve.

Covered today:

0:25 Spud

1:01 Millsy, Andrew Mills

7:00 The Training and The Why

9:00 Progressive Overload and Injuries

13:00 The Route and Changes

16:15 Crossfitters and Marathons

17:30 Torn Muscle…

18:30 …And Emotionally Draining

21:00 Inspiration and Driving Factors

27:00 Highs Lows and Richmond Park

30:00 Mindfulness

36:30 Morning Routines and Nessun Dorma

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