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Here we go again…..

As we brace ourselves for the opening of a big, plush, new low-cost commercial gym landing right on our doorstep we would be lying if we said it didn’t make us a little uncomfortable, but as we have done throughout the pandemic, we stay focused on our purpose and concentrate on delivering the process to the best of our abilities.

We’ll never be able to compete on price but at the same time neither should we, as a facility and brand we pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standards across 3 key areas: Coaching, Programmeming, & Community.

1. Coaching

At ION, we deliver a high level of coaching services through our classes, group training and personal coaching – our team has a vast amount of experience within strength and conditioning that allows us to deliver a high standard of coaching for those looking to improve in all aspects of health and fitness.

As a facility, we continue to grow our current and future coaches through our ION Coach Development Programmeme to ensure a continuation of high-quality coaching service is delivered, we are also passionate on helping young aspiring coaches develop and gain experience within the industry helping to make them more employable.

Coaches are the heart and soul of ION, each of our coaches have the qualifications and necessary training experience needed to lead our classes, they are also passionate about the industry and continue to learn and develop their trade with additional courses and education.

2. Programming

Effective programming requires a deep understanding of exercise physiology, stress, and biomechanics. Programming must be progressive to yield the results required but also have the ability to be modified to suit different members. Across all of our different classes, we ensure programming is effective but also fun and varied to keep our members engaged. Fun being the key word!

3. Community

Last but not least is a really important factor, community aka our ION Team, a good gym is one where people feel part of something – they support each other, hold each other accountable, and overall build long-lasting friendships. The best gyms around make it easy for members to fit in, make friends, feel comfortable and celebrate working hard to get fit and healthy! There is no better atmosphere than a busy ION Saturday when members of all ages and backgrounds and working out together, enjoying the company and sticking around for a @secondchancecoffee to finish it all off!

These 3 areas are a small snapshot of why we differ to the commercial gyms. We know we have the ability to help change peoples lives for the better if they are committed to leading a healthier life!

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