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10. Nutrition 101 – Tom Hicks


A former British middleweight bodybuilding, Tom Hicks knows what it take to cut, bulk and to achieve an ascetically perfect physique.

Now a leading nutrition coach, aiding both top level athletes and also anybody that needs helping hand in getting healthier through food.

Today on the podcast, Robin gets to the bottom of some dietary myths and asks about the pros and cons of some the worlds most popular diets: keto, vegan, fasting and caveman.

Discussed on this episode:

1:00 From Rugby to Bodybuilding

5:00 British Title

7:45 Knowledge is Power for Clients

9:00 Macros, Calories, Height

12:12 Tracking Calories and Under Eating

15:00 Protein

17:45 Carbs

19:10 Fats

23:00 Intermittent Fasting

29:00 Keto

33:00 Vegan

37:30 Carnivore/Caveman

41:00 Supplements


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