5. How Changing Career Helped Me Overcome Depression – Tom ‘Biz’ Burnell


Discussing mental health in men is still a taboo subject for many – and even more so in the sporting arena, where battling through is seen as the thing to do.

Thomas ‘Biz’ Burnell began feeling the first signs of depression during his professional rugby league days almost a decade ago, but on boxing day two years ago things came to a head, when his troubles had forced the talented sportsman into trying take his own life.

On this episode Rob sits down for an open and frank discussion with Biz about those darkest days but more importantly, how Biz realised a wrong career choice was affecting him and managed to overcome his demons by making changes and found happiness again.

In this episode the coaches discuss:

4:05 Rugby and Having an Addictive Personality

8:50 Selections, Injuries and Cold Hard Business in Sport

11:00 Australia on My Own

14:00 The Sacrifices of Professional Sport

15:10 Sporting Regrets

18:20 From Rugby to Labouring

19:15 Crossfit Became a Purpose

21:30 How Teaching Made Things Worse

24:00 That Boxing Day 2018

29:00 Depression Needs To ‘Healed’

32:00 Transition Time

33:30 The Juice Is Always Worth The Squeeze

38:30 Importance of Reflection in Life: Meditation

41:20 Little Tasks and Win The Day

45:00 Focus and Chasing Happiness

46:00 Phillipa, That Person


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